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The Hearts and Arrows Diamonds Guide

How is the light performance of a hearts and arrows diamond compared to a usual Excellent/Ideal diamond?

The true value of a hearts and arrows diamond in terms of light performance does not become apparent in very good lighting conditions with a lot of light. In such a situation the sparkle of a H&A diamond and a regular Excellent cut diamond will most likely be very similar. Generally, the brilliance and fire you see in a diamond depends on the cut. However, if there is a lot of light entering the stone the “fine-tuning” of the hearts and arrows patterns will not be able to impact you as much as the pure amount of light return does.

H&A diamonds perform better in two specific lighting conditions:

For one thing they do perform better in lighting conditions with diffuse light, i.e. on a cloudy day or under fluorescent lights in an office. Usually, these are situations where you can hardly see any fire in a diamond. Diamond fire is the dispersed light of a diamond that appears as rainbow colors. Excellent cut diamonds will still return white light but there will hardly be any fire. H&A diamonds will even exhibit a remarkable amount of fire in a diffuse light sitation due to their symmetrical contrast patterns.

Furthermore, H&A diamonds perform much better in soft lighting conditions such as a diamond near a monitor in the dark, a lantern or a candle light. In a situation like that where the diamond is not bombarded with light, the H&A finetuning begins to kick in noticeably! Without much light entering the diamond, a H&A diamond will maximize the light return and offer a lot of brilliance and fire. H&A diamond are known for sparkling in white and rainbow colors even in rather dark environments.