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Hello Johor @ Eco Spring

Twas a romantic night at Eco Spring, Johor where 111 couples were treated to a candlelight dinner that filled the air with love. Two special couples, Mr. & Mrs. Lim Kim Oh and Mr. & Mrs. Wong Sin Chan stood out among the rest as they celebrated their 50th Anniversary and shared with us their love story.

To commemorate their timeless love story, TCS Signature presented the lucky couples a set of Van Cleef & Arpels’ Alhambra Collection worth RM5000 each. The set was specially selected for the couples as it represented luck, health, fortune and of course everlasting love.

A quick chat with the couples revealed two similar secrets to their long lasting relationship. Peserverance and care. To continue loving one another no matter how tough their situation helped build a strong foundation for their timeless love. If you’re thinking of your significant half while reading this, feel free to check out our flawless range of Perten Diamonds @ our concept outlet, TCS Signature which is strategically located at The Place, One City. The perfect gift for your perfect partner awaits you!