About TCS


At TCS, we’re dedicated to bring you the crème de la crème of modern day jewelries. As the exclusive sole distributor of one of the world’s most renowned brand, Perten; we take pride in introducing the shiniest diamond in the world, the first and only diamond with 71 facets cut diamond that features a perfect 10 Hearts & 10 Arrows.

This jewelry marvel was made possible with a trademarked cutting edge technologies and excellent craftsmanship. As a mark of excellence, each of the diamonds are engraved with a unique serial code and is GemEx Certified for its Brilliance, Fire and Sparkle, Only 0.02% of these handpicked diamond by experts make the final cut.


Designed in Antwerp, Belgium, a town famous for its legacy in diamond design. Each diamonds are carefully crafted over 40 hours in the hands of master craftsman. The accuracy requirement of this design requires high precision and only has margin of error of 0.3 degrees. Each of Perten’s diamonds are so rare that only 0.02% of the world’s diamond are suitable for use.

Perten raised the standards from the traditional 57 facets with their 71 facets design to deliver maximum brightness, fire and sparkle. The design scored the highest rating in all aspects of light performance and is certified by Gemex, the global authority for diamond light performance.

In 2016, Perten’s diamonds registered and obtained recognition for its perfection and uniqueness form NGTC, a renowned Chinese Diamond Authority. Each diamonds has its girdle engraved with and identity code as a mark of excellence making the Perten diamond design, the perfect diamond for eternity.

Perten's Uniqueness


71 Facets

The diamond’s brilliant sparkle is attributed to its patented 71 facet cut diamonds meticulously aligned to eliminate all light leakages and promise maximum light reflection.

10 Hearts and 10 Arrows

The result of 71 facet cut maximizes facet area while maintaining its perfect and iconic 10 hearts and 10 arrows that symbolizes the perfect representation of a perfect love.


Maximum Light Performance

With the combination of master craftsmanship and the latest technology in diamond cutting, the meticulously aligned facets enables each Perten Diamonds to eliminate all light leakages and reflect the full spectrum of colors for its renowned diamond scintillation.


As one of the most respected organisations, GIA (Gemological Institute of America) that issue grading reports evaluating the quality characteristics of individual diamonds, certified TCS' Perten Diamond unsurpassed 4C's grading (Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat), proving its unparalleled quality.


Certified by International Diamond Fire Color Authority GEMEX, tested on bright, fire color and flashing are on the highest level; the best quality of the craftsmanship, fire grade is on 120% higher than the 8 hearts 8 arrows diamond.


All 10 hearts 10 arrows diamond have White Light, Color Light, Scintillation Degree (Three Indicators) which are VERY HIGH at 98%, while 3EX craftsmanship diamonds only able to achieve 5%.


When the customer buys or solicits a customer to buy a diamond, the gem certificate for the diamond can be sent directly to the customer's cell phone via the GemEx Mobile App. http://mobile.gemex.com